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Hi, I'm Ned Stranger

A Storytelling Songwriter
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My Story

When I was 14, my granddad found a battered nylon-stringed guitar in the attic and mistakenly thought it had been my dad’s. My dad took it anyway and gave it to me.

I spent the next few years in the Sussex countryside learning how to write songs by listening to anything from Muse, Radiohead, to TOOL and Metallica, to Blink 182, Bon Iver and Kings of Convenience.

I was also a classical pianist and violinist in my youth and performed in various choirs and orchestras, so approached my musical writing from various angles.

Despite my passion for songwriting, I was nervous about the prospect of carving out a sustainable music career. Instead, I went to study law at Cambridge and got through a whole undergraduate degree and Masters degree before finally deciding a career in the city wasn’t for me.


I moved to London and formed an indie-folk band called August and After with Vedantha, my close friend from university. Over the next few years, we built a loyal following and secured millions of streams in countries across the world.

By this point I was getting a bit restless in London.

I spent several years travelling and performing around various European cities whilst developing my creative writing skills with a short story challenge to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

I lived abroad for two of these years (first in Berlin, then in Riga) and started developing my own solo sound – a blend of rhythmic electro-pop and classical guitar. 

My latest single, Known Unknowns, is out on 14 May – you can pre-save it here.