When Ned Stranger first moved to London after finishing his law studies, it was natural to assume his goal was a secure career in the city. Instead he turned his back on the law to dive head first into the indie music scene.

After developing a loyal London fan base with indie-folk trio August and After,  securing millions of stream in the process and touring around various European countries, he moved to Berlin in 2019 to consolidate his sound, a distinctive blend of electro indie-folk and classical guitar.

He is now putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, recorded at the famous Studios Ferber in Paris with Jonathan Lefèvre-Reich (Evergreen). The first single is due in the spring.

When he’s not writing music, Ned loves writing fiction, indoor bouldering and playing chess. He is currently working on his debut novel, a cricket themed whodunit called The Nightwatchman.


Email: nedstranger(at)gmail(dot)com