‘Breath on Glass’ is about the gradual diminishing of communication in a long-term relationship, and the imbalance between one side’s desire to resolve ongoing problems by talking things through and the other side’s unwillingness to spend time on that, wanting their own space and just hoping the problems will resolve themselves over time. The narrator, who is the former, is worried that any words spoken in this situation of stalemate will freeze into a permanent form, perhaps used against them at a later date, but wants to open up about the issues nonetheless – hence the imagery of a temporary message written in the condensation on a pane of glass…



I write my thoughts in breath on glass
I speak my mind in halves

We used to talk things through
But now we freeze them in a pile
I’ll under claim, you’ll blame a lack of time

I’m scared our pain will never melt
Immortalised and ever felt
Solidified, and tied into our core

I leave my words in breath on glass
I stay but as a lesser half
The traces of a better past

You want to share a world
But then you want the space to grow
Everything comes back to that design

The change I want is very small
No demands, just reasonable
Requests to turn the less into the more

Read my words in breath on glass
Or settle for a lesser half
Traces of a better past

Final pleas in breath on glass
Feelings that can never last
Clinging on but fading fast