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– Identify your creative goals

– Create a step-by-step plan towards them 

– Keep on track whilst staying positive

‘I have creative ambitions but they feel quite vague.’

‘I’m not sure how to think about my audience, how to bring them ‘value’, or even who my audience is.’

‘I don’t know how to structure my days or weeks to work most efficiently.’

‘I have lots of ideas but don’t know which ones are the best use of my time?’

‘I don’t know how to monetise my creativity.’

‘I’m not sure how to ‘brand’ myself – how to convey the right message.’

‘I keep delaying trying things out because I’m scared they won’t work.’


If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. I know how you feel.

When I was 22 years old and just finishing my second law degree at Cambridge University, I had a realisation: that a well paid, ‘secure’ career in the city wasn’t for me. I wanted to be a songwriter – not just someone who wrote songs on occasional weekends…

8 years later, I’ve built my songwriting audience from zero listeners to millions of plays in countries across the world and launched a sustainable freelance copywriting career – with all the above questions (and many) more turning over in my head the whole time.

So I know how overwhelming it can be… but I also know that it can be done. 

That’s why I developed this programme – to help you turn the uncertainty and self-doubt into a clear plan, with clear goals and clear steps for how to reach them.

That all being said, everyone’s creative needs and ambitions are different. That’s why I always plan a free, no-obligations taster session, so we can see whether the programme is right for you before you commit to anything.

Click below to give it a try – or keeping reading for answers to some of my most common FAQs…

Do I need to work in a ‘creative’ field for this to be relevant?

Not at all!

You don’t have to be making money out of your creativity for it to be worthy of developing. Whether it’s writing a book, learning an instrument, getting into painting, or something else entirely, creative projects are an amazing way to build self-confidence and improve emotional wellbeing.

So whether you want to explore this for your career or just some creative project you’ve always dreamed of doing on the side, there are huge benefits to be had!


Are you an accredited coach?

I am not officially accredited – in the sense that I haven’t had official ‘training’ with a recognised body that gives out accreditations.

To be honest with you, the main difference between someone with an accreditation and someone without is that the former was willing to pay for a course that gives you an accreditation at the end of it. That’s it.

Instead, I have several years’ real life experience hitting my own creative goals. I also have a range of teaching and tutoring experience, along with a track record of happy coaching clients for this programme!

Do I need to have a clear goal in mind?

Not at all – one of the benefits of working with me is that we’ll identify your goals and work out a plan to work toward them!

I started, like most musicians, with the vaguest of ambitions – to ‘make it in music’ – and over time worked out how to make sense of that. The answers were far more subtle (and more useful!) than I had realised…

So this is our starting point – understanding your bigger picture goals. Then we drill down to work out more meaningful stepping stone goals along the way, things you can realistically build towards. 

How much does it cost?

I passionately believe that, in the same way that a fitness coach can help you build muscle, a diet planner can help you lose weight, or a finance advisor can keep your money in check, a creative coach has a tangible, postive impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

But I also I don’t believe that this sort of support should be exclusively available to people with more disposable income. I love exploring this with people and want to make it financially worth while, by striking a fair balance between making it affordable and making it viable to run… 

With that in mind, I’ve devised the following pricing model:

One-Hour Session


6-Week Programme


But I also know that this stuff can all seem quite scary and uncertain. That’s why I’ll always arrange a free, no obligations taster session so you can see how it works and we can check whether we’re the right fit, before making a decision…


Why Not Try It?

If you decide that it’s not for you, it’s only taken a (probably pleasant!) half-hour of each other’s time… 

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