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The Overall Plan


My overall idea is to record an EP – the best music I’ve ever written and recorded – and pitch it to record labels, publishers and managers, showing them that I’m also growing my own audience.

How to break this down?

First Step – lay it all out


First, I write down all the things I need to do and all the worries/questions I have at the moment.

(This list isn’t exhaustive – I’ll keep adding to it throughout the next six months!)


  • Choosing the songs to record
  • Practising them (especially vocals)
  • Editing the lyrics until they’re perfect
  • Getting another singing lesson or two, to iron out problems with my voice
  • Finding references → songs with elements I want to borrow for my recordings
  • Sorting out a daily routine that means I’m taking care of my physical health / diet etc
  • Create a recording budget
  • Book the dates (and location) of recording
  • Agreeing what instruments to use, especially drums
  • Perfecting my website’s ‘journey’ for new visitors, including where this YouTube sits
  • Creating an Instagram plan → which content goes on which days?
  • Other online checklist (all links, Spotify profile, etc)
  • Finding publishers, managers and labels to pitch to
  • Finding specific individuals to connect with
  • Making first contact
  • Sending (polite / fun) chase emails



  • What is my persona online? How can I get my values across in a clear way?
  • How to motivate myself when I feel I’m not getting enough listeners / interaction?
  • How to stick to my plan every day 
  • How to finance the recording project? Copywriting each morning
  • How to write a great email that will actually get read? 
  • How to avoid procrastination?
  • How can I make my sound distinctive to me? (Because there’s a lot of great indie folk out there)
  • What’s stopping me from being persistent enough? Is it a fear that, IF I don’t get what I want I’ll feel stupid for having ‘wasted’ all that time?


Second Step – Creating some milestones / targets


Having songs ready for studio: by 31 August

Finishing the Masters: by 26 October

Creating some kind of social media plan: by 1 Aug

My aim is to contact:

  • At least 10 (relevant) record labels
  • At least 5 managers
  • At least 10 publishers
  • (And send at least 5 polite/friendly/fun chase emails to each one)

I’m not going to make any specific numbers targets for e.g. Spotify plays or Instagram followers in this time, because my focus is on the quality of the content and creating my best music, not worrying too much about audience numbers.

But for the purpose of the series, my aim is to have 1,000 YouTube subscribers by the end of the year!


Third Step – Creating a Week-by-Week plan


This is effectively a contents table for my Challenge – it gives me something to explore more deeply each week (though in practice the project isn’t linear – I’ll be doing and thinking about a lot of this stuff right from the start!)

If you have any suggestions for topics I’ve missed or things you think would really benefit me in hitting my goal, please leave them in the comments!